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The 4-Step Process

New laws requiring pool owners to register and certify their pool apply to all new and existing pools across Victoria.
Whilst the standards or rules that apply to each pool may differ, the process of registering and certifying each pool is the same.

Step 1

Register your pool by
1 November 2020. 

By now, you should have registered your pool with your local council, and received a letter stating the pool construction date, and the standard that applies to your pool. This is an important document - we will need a copy!


Step 2

You are most likely here!

You have registered your pool, and are looking for someone to certify your pool fence/barrier

This is where we come in!

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Step 3

Once we've certified your pool, you have 30 days to lodge your compliance certificate to council. 
This certificate MUST be submitted within 30 days, or it will expire and we need to inspect again. 

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Step 4

Wait 4 years until your next inspection is due.
We'll contact you again in 4 years when it's time to go through the process again. 

What rules apply to my pool? 

It depends on when your pool was built. Your council registration letter will specify the construction date for your pool.

The Victorian Building Authority has provided some easy to follow checklists of the regulations that apply to your pool barrier.
Click on the relevant link below to download a PDF.

If there is any discrepancy between your records and council, it should be fixed up before we arrive for your inspection.
By law, we must apply the regulations outlined in your council registration letter. 

Things to know - the law

Unlike other parts of Australia, the new Victorian laws do not impose greater restrictions on your pool fence than those in place when it was installed. You do NOT need to update your pool fence to today's standards, but rather just meet the standard that applied to your pool on the day the fence was installed/approved.

What does it mean? What your friends are allowed to do with their pool fence may be completely different from yours - don't compare - it could lead to costly mistakes, or in some cases prevent your pool from passing.  

You need expertise and experience from your pool inspector - something we pride ourselves on! 

Book your inspection today.

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